Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Clabber Milk

The new love of my life is clabbered milk. It is basically an old form of letting raw milk naturally ferment. It is a bit tangy, a little like kefir but easier to do in my opinion since you can make on an as needed basis and not have to feed it constantly like kefir.
My first jar took about 4 days to clabber, I used that as my starter jar. Sometimes the first round can be a little strong. I used that clabber to start the next round that clabbered in about 36 hours. This was much sweeter smelling and quite delicious.
Taking a spoonful of the second round I stirred that into a half gallon of raw milk and put in in my laundry room because that is the warmest room in the house.
It was ready in 36 hours. I poured in in a bag and allowed to drain for 24 hours.
I then added salt and let drain another 24 hours. After that I rolled the cheese into balls then Italian seasonings and drizzled with olive oil. It was divine on crackers and warm sourdough bread! For long term storage I dropped the balls in a jar and covered with olive oil (making sure all the cheese was under the oil so it won't spoil!) It will keep several months this way either in a really cool place or the fridge. 
I am now keeping several jars of clabber on hand for using in the place of buttermilk, yogurt and of course for making more cheese!

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