Saturday, February 9, 2019

Meet The New Girls--Our Suffolk Sheep

Late yesterday evening we loaded up and headed to Walnut Cove, NC to pick up our new girls. I had put a deposit down on 2 Suffolk ewes a while back. My plan is to cross them with my Icelandic rams and see if I can get some faster growing lambs for meat.
                                                    Quince and Camellia
                                                   Not feeling photogenic today!

We left them on the trailer over night with hay and water. I wanted to put them in with a ram and see if they may possibly breed this late. Well that was a disaster of magnetic proportions. My over zealous young ram chased them to the point I became afraid something would happen to them. At one point one girl crashed into the fence stunning her severely. It took the better part of an hour of chasing rams away from the poor girls to get everyone separated again. I ended up putting my Icelandic ewes in the pasture with them to keep them company and help them settle in.
As of this afternoon all is well again in the sheep world.

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