Saturday, February 17, 2018

Sourdough Saturday

Another dreary weekend on the homestead! This is the forth in a row. I debated on what to do inside today that would be constructive. Soap? Nah, wasn't feeling it. Though I do need to push that to the top of the list since I'm getting low.
My sourdough starter had been bubbling for a couple of days on the counter and was in need of feeding again which meant the bowl would be overflowing. It was going to be a bread baking day.
After feeding the sourdough and letting it get nice fresh bubbles, I tucked a jar in the fridge for the next go round. Then, I mixed up our sandwich bread. It's just a basic bread that I make with a heritage unbleached bread flour. Next I whipped up a batch of bagels. The dough for that had to rise for at least 4 hours. Lastly, I made a spinach, Parmesan and black pepper crusty bread to go with the soup we were going to have for supper. ( I'll post the recipe to my eating blog sometime next week!)
While waiting for everything to rise I slogged through the mud to feed critters and gather eggs. Unfortunately I left the door to the coop open so a naughty livestock guardian dog had helped himself to every egg in the house. Grr..

Once back inside I put some chicken on to boil. Chicken taco soup is on the menu for tonight. I'll get this recipe posted as well. It is divine! Made with homemade enchilada sauce. Yum-o!!
I was still waiting for the breads to finish rising and ran across a couple of heads of cabbage in the fridge that needed to be used. My original plan was to make kimchi but I didn't have all the seasonings to make it so I decided to make some sauerkraut. In short order I had a quart of kraut packed and ready to ferment. I see homegrown brats and kraut on the horizon!
At 5:30 I pulled the last pan of bagels out of the oven. My youngest son had wandered in and we all had a feeding fest on warm breads. A delicious day on the homestead!

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