Monday, April 3, 2017

Too Wet To Plow

As I shared in my previous post mother nature has been a beast this year. We have had rain or some form of precipitation about twice a week. Though we need the moisture, it has put us way behind on the early spring garden. I have had 65 lbs of potatoes sitting patiently in the garage for 2 weeks now. With yet more rain in the forecast we decided over the weekend to somewhat of a desperate move. The small garden beside the barn had been turned but was not ready to plant. Hubby hooked up the disk and every few hours for 2 days went through it trying to dry the soil. Though not optimum it dried fairly well and this morning before yet another storm was to roll in I got about 55 lbs of the potatoes in. Mom cut and I planted. I also put in 16 tomatoes and 14 more cabbage. Some cabbage and broccoli had been put in the big garden earlier.
This is an after the storm rolled in pic. You can see water standing between the rows.

It is a muddy mess..again.

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