Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Poultry Palace

The last few weekends we have been busy revamping the new poultry palace/compound. It was not in a very good place before. Subject to flooding and WAY to easy for escapees to get to the garden. Relocating two old sheds, they now have a laying house and feed storage area. This will keep the squirrels out and is a dry place to store egg cartons. (Front and back view)

They really seem to like it and are blessing us with loads of eggs!

The other old hen house is strictly for roosting. We are adding a cover off the front for a dry place when it rains and to keep a feeder under.
The fence was extended to 8 feet tall. To keep them in and predators out.
 We will be allowing them to range the front field soon in hopes that jumping 4 fences to get to the garden will be way too much trouble. Time will tell.
One more day and that project will be completed. At some point we want to paint the buildings but that is on down the chore list. For now it is functional and that is what matters!

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