Saturday, August 30, 2014

Late Summer Harvests

The garden is waning quickly with a few struggling tomato plants, okra and crowder peas.The peppers are continuing to produce but in reality it will soon be time to put the summer garden to bed. Our late crops did next to nothing, due to lack of rain and extremely hot temperatures and most have been plowed up.

Today we harvested the spaghetti squash. Unfortunately a week or two late as the bugs had beat us to them. Though, most are still edible they will not last the winter as we had hoped. It was a bumper crop and could have fed all of our families (mine, sis and mom) for the winter. Grr...
 All is not lost, however, as sis has been very busy in the greenhouse. Broccoli, cabbage and collards have been started from seed and are almost ready to go in the ground.

A beautiful greenhouse cucumber is climbing on a trellis giving us hope that we may eat cukes well into the cooler months. Several little greenhouse tomatoes are waiting to be potted in larger pots too. As soon as the hot temps break kale, spinach and lettuces will go in along with beets, carrots and radishes.

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