Saturday, August 23, 2014

Really, I Can Explain

Well, I can't believe it's been this long since I have posted! Time flies and days get away but here's the lowdown.
Recently, mt husband was approached about selling a piece of property we own. It happened to be the property where he houses all of his construction equipment, supplies, ect. The offer was made by the county and if we accepted it would have to be a swift and quick move. We took it and it has been a frantic couple of weeks moving 15 years worth of "stuff". Almost done...
There has been the clean up of trees downed by storms, repair work to fences and the everyday chores that have to be done no matter what. Mowing and weeding and feeding and milking.... I have still been preserving that last of the summer's harvest by pickling and freezing peppers.
A little surprise was born...
Meet Oopsy Daisy or Baby O for short. Guess we'll be milking over the winter ;-)
And then, a dear friend needed a safe place to land and spent two weeks with us. Add to the mix a 7 year old little boy and an 8 month old Malinios....I don't think is a word to describe that!! Chaos doesn't even begin to touch it. She has now found a place to start her new life and things have begun to return to normal. Not that "normal" has ever been a word to describe our homestead!
And so with the promise of some cooler days in the forecast I am looking forward to Fall and the rhythm of some slower days.

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