Saturday, August 2, 2014

Feeling Unsettled

This morning I awoke to the news that the missionaries infected with Ebola would be brought here to the states. I felt a bit unsettled with this news. Oh, if it were my family I am sure I would want them home too, but this deadly, contagious virus frightens me. And bringing them to Atlanta no less.....I know many people have had the same reaction as I have. Then there are those who say we must trust that those in charge know what they are doing. Ok, sure.
So, when things trouble me I do things that make me feel safe and in control. Today it was organizing the pantry and defrosting the freezer. By the end of the day I was feeling much better knowing that I have plenty of stores and that we could live safely and comfortably if times called us to do that.
Neat, tidy and organized. With plenty of room to add more jars!
Oh yeah! A nice clean freezer ready to fill with late season veggies and hopefully a deer or two.
I did end up with a short list of things I needed to replenish, therefor I will make a trip to Bj's tomorrow.

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