Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Filling The Pantry

And still I can! Earlier this week more salsa and tomato sauce. Today spaghetti sauce.
Thus far almost 100 jars have been filled and tucked away for winter use. Though it sounds like a lot there is still much more to go. The late tomatoes have set fruit and I will can plain tomato chunks along with homemade Rotel. Also late cucumbers are up and more pickles need to be done. Pesto to be made and frozen, I still have garlic scapes waiting patiently in the fridge and the basil is gorgeous.
The okra has started to produce so of course there must be some pickled and as an experiment this year I plan to bread and freeze some. Wouldn't that be yummy along side a pot of beans this winter?
The Red Ripper crowder peas are ready to start picking and they will go into the freezer too. Busy times here on the homestead!

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