Saturday, July 5, 2014

Now I know why I want to live on our VA farm. Today it was 77* and breezy. Everything is lush and green 'cause they get rain there. The peace and tranquility is almost overwhelming. Up there you hear nothing but an occasional plane flying over and it is so high that it is almost unnoticeable. What I do hear loud and clear are Towhees, a bird I fondly remember from my childhood at my grandparents house, a mama cow with a low moo calling her calf, turkeys gobbling in the distance and at night a bobcat on the ridge.
Last week Doug and his crew went up and set the fence posts. He had a driver to pound the posts in the ground. When he got home he said you will not be happy, the posts are crooked because it took us while to figure it out. They call me inspector  # 13...
We got about half of the property line fence run. Doug's brother came up to help, thank goodness as I probably nailed one post to their 3. He left after a yummy picnic lunch and Doug and I finished the brace posts for the remainder of the line. All in all it is about 1100 feet on that side.
And yes some of the posts are crooked but only if you look down the line not at it!


  1. When do you expect to live there, Kelly?

  2. Not sure I would like to say in a year or two but we still have a lot of commitments here. Aging parents and a company to run. We do plan to have a small barn with living quarters in it this year.