Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Busy Week

It's been a busy week here on the homestead. Ziva has had training sessions with her trainer. We have had to go out in public and (gasp!) try and ignore other dogs. Still working on that!
Wednesday I took a few hours to enjoy a divine lunch and enjoy some company with a couple of girlfriends. We fixed a tomato balsamic salad, figs stuffed with goat cheese, wrapped in prosciutto , sliced peaches, and cheese. That was followed with black bean brownies. Wow! We were supposed to make soap but only ended up with one batch done because we talked so much. A fun and recharging day for me.
I have been making some freezer meals to have for days that time gets away. A large pot of vegetable soup made from home grown beef and veggies..the only store bought ingredients was a handful of pasta I tossed in. Also stuffed banana peppers. I made twelve. Enough for supper one night and froze 2 packs for other meals. These were delicious and I plan to make some more.

Today I gleaned the garden. The weekend is supposed to be somewhat of a washout and I am planning a canning and freezing bonanza with what I harvested. Though the garden  is starting to wane, there was still plenty of peppers, some paste tomatoes and peas.

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