Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Egg Eater

A couple of weeks ago I found a black snake in the hen house. Being that I had been battling mice for several weeks I told him he could stay for a few days. After he had feasted on mice and they had all but disappeared he turn to the eggs. Oh no, you don't.
So for the last week he has lead me on a merry chase as I have tried to catch and relocate him. Today I peeked in the hen house and found him looking quite comfy in a nest box. I grabbed the make shift contraption the boys had fixed that was to loop around his head. Unfortunately it wasn't very tight but did allow me to drop him in a garbage can. Now, the garbage can had a few holes in the lid from the squirrels trying to get to the feed but I figured if I had a second lid on it (also full of holes) it would buy me some time and I would be able to take him down the road.
Uh, no. I had him in the Gator and was headed to the truck when I turned around to find him climbing out. I slammed on brakes and uttered some very unlady like oaths. I grabbed a feed bag and tossed him in it. It too had a hole in it and he shot out but I was able to shove him back in the can and raced to the truck. My plan was to take him several miles down the road but when I got to the stop sign on our road and glanced in my rear view his little head was poking out and he was looking around as if to say "Why am I in this garbage can and where are you taking me?" So I took out the can and chased him away from the farm, knowing it was probably not far enough and he would most likely return. Return he did, but this time my mom found him and when she tried to relocate he bit her.Yes, he left again, but this time in pieces....

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