Monday, January 20, 2014

The eye popping gas bill saga continues....
Well I have to say I have been pretty creative on the food front. Last week I spent 16 cents at the grocery store. I needed fresh ginger for a Indian spiced chicken dish made with homestead chicken, garden spinach and a few other on hand items from the pantry. Also on the menu was meatloaf, green bean casserole made with homemade cream of mushroom soup and potato soup. Last night was a whole smoked chicken, fried cabbage and crowder peas. Pretty good eatin' I must say!
For this week's menus I spent $12.40. Most all of our meals start with onions and garlic.We are out. This next year I will be freezing onions and hope that the garlic doesn't rot in the ground. So, those staples were purchased along with two large bags of organic romaine lettuce that were on special for the weekend only. That will be our fresh greens until (if) the garden recovers from the harsh cold we experienced earlier, for the next week or so. One lonely avocado was tossed in the basket.
This week's menu? Spicy leg of lamb, roasted potatoes, salad, chicken tettrazini, crock pot beans and best of all a birthday dinner this weekend with steaks, baked potato, salad and pound cake!
Hubby came in this morning.. we have no paper towels. I'm sorry. I am out of crackers he moaned...that's too bad, was the reply. Eat rice cakes. With the money saved at the grocery, a two week by-pass on the savings transfer, the gas bill will be paid this week. Happy dance!

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