Friday, November 1, 2013

Harvesting Ginger

A few months ago I read an article on growing ginger. Shortly after that I found some local fresh baby ginger, so I bought some, handed it over to my sister to put it in a pot to see what happened. It took quite a while to germinate but finally poked it's head out of the dirt. Later I found a piece at the grocery store that had lots of sprouts that was put in a pot as well. It came up much quicker. For the most part it has lived in the greenhouse under a bench with little care. Today we decided to see what had happened over the last few months. The ginger had definitely grown and the rhizomes had probably tripled in size. We decided to replant most and only keep a few fresh pieces.We trimmed the tops, and divided the rhizomes into 3 pots with hopes of having fairly good harvest next year.
Though not real familiar with growing ginger I do know it likes filtered shade and heat (of course!). It is relatively easy to grow, just liking to be kept moist with a splash of fertilizer every now and then. We will see what the next harvest brings!

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