Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Bread Experiment Gone Bad, Gone Good!

While making the usual Saturday sourdough for the store, I decided to try doing some whole wheat for us. I have made it before using 1/2 wheat flour and 1/2 white flour and it was ok. This time I used all wheat and instead of sugar used honey. Well.... after hours of rising or I should say not rising and baking, I had a loaf of bread that resembled a brick and was just about as heavy. Though edible it was very sweet and not what I had in mind. Sigh. I set it aside to feed to the chickens. As the day wore on, I couldn't help but think it could be used for SOMETHING. Then it hit me... bread pudding! I cubed it up and sprinkled with raisins. I mixed milk, eggs, sugar, vanilla & almond extract poured it over the bread. Let it sit for a while to soak up the liquid. Lastly I sprinkled slivered almonds on top and baked. Wow! They chickens loss was our gain. Looks like the boo boo bread may be repeated and end up on a holiday table.

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