Sunday, November 4, 2012

Adjusting To the Time Change

I got an extra hour this morning to figure out if I could crawl out of bed from yesterday's leaf raking chores. Much to my surprise I was only slightly sore and had done no great harm to any large muscle groups!
I hate the time changes.... Doug was up at his normal 5 'ish, which by my clock was 4 'ish. Sometimes I really don't care for happy morning people. Because of the farm, I am of the morning people sect. That doesn't mean I  have to be happy. Are you ready for breakfast? No. Want some coffee? No. Go away.
Finally we are beginning to harvest some fall goodies from the garden. Today I picked an armload of kale. More turnips and lettuce were added to the basket as well as some broccoli. The garden has been slow to recover but being that we have had no rain since early September, we'll take what we get!
One great accomplishment today was finally getting the garlic in. I was a good girl this year and only ordered 4 lbs....However, I forgot to order elephant garlic so I will have to plant some of my winter stash if I want some next spring.

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