Saturday, November 3, 2012

Leaf Duty

I swore I would not get behind in cleaning up leaves this year. Unfortunately, Sandy roared in and I was behind within hours. Today hubby and I spent the day raking, blowing and munching leaves with the mower. Some areas were just too thick to vacuum so they were raked on a tarp and drug to a nearby ditch at the treeline. These leaves made me fear tomorrow... would I even be able to CRAWL out of bed in the morning? Others were blown into natural areas. The large areas of the yard were sucked up, munched up and dumped in the garden. Later I will rake them out in unplanted areas of the garden and use some for mulch between the rows of greens.
A good day, a long day, but one that leaves certainly leaves a sense of accomplishment at the end. And also promises a good nights sleep! 


  1. Hi Kelly,
    I live in Brookneal, Va. and am very interested in starting a small flock of icelandic sheep. I found your website, but (like mine) it didn't have a lot of information on breedings for 2013. I am interested in reserving a couple of nice ewe lambs and am wondering if you are taking reservations yet, or if you haven't made breeding decisions, if you could put me on your list of possible purchasers?
    Thanks so much,
    Anita Martin

  2. Hi Anita~ I have breeding groups together and will shoot you out an email with some info soon. Thanks!