Friday, December 7, 2012

Loosing Track Of Time

Time does pass so quickly these days! One minute we are thinking about Thanksgiving, then it is over and the Christmas rush begins.
We have been quite busy here on the homestead.
Lots of wood has been split and stacked awaiting the cold winter. We had a short cold snap but this past week temps were back in the upper 60's and low 70's!
We butchered our turkey for Thanksgiving. He weighed a whopping 22 pounds. That was okay though as we were blessed to have 25 at our table this year.
The garden is starting to produce some yummy things to eat. Lots of greens, broccoli, turnips and carrots are being harvested almost daily. And FINALLY our young hens are starting to lay. I had taken to standing by the coop chanting stew pot, stew pot.....those thing cross your mind when you only gather 3 eggs from 30 hens!
The sheep have enjoyed the cooler nights and the parasites have momentarily disappeared. All the dairy goats are bred and some are starting to show a bit.
Of course there has been the never ending round of keeping up with the leaves. Mowing, munching and dumping in the garden each weekend. Soon it will be time to turn them under.
Another thing keeping us quite busy is the remodeling project my husband decided to take on...right here at the holidays! He tends to ponder things long and hard but when he puts his mind to it, things tend to move so fast that it literally leaves me breathless. So, for the past week a steady stream of workmen have been in and out. Here at the break of daylight and staying well after dark. We were in desperate need of a new roof. The house needed painting. The upstairs bathroom had a leak in the tub. The garage doors need to be replaced with insulated ones. Our house is 22 years old and needed some TLC for sure. BUT NOW?  Being that we host Christmas, I begged to have things done before then. All of the guys have assured me that will happen....and now if you will excuse me, I must go breathe into a paper bag. ;o))


  1. Breathe, release, breathe, release ... it works.

    Those broccoli heads look wonderful. Mine haven't even started producing heads yet. They'll probably be about as big as a quarter (lol).

  2. I love reading your posts, Kelly!
    Deeply breathe in and out. Feel the breath entering and leaving.

    I love chanting to your chickens!

  3. LOL.. I am taking things in stride (well kinda) and breathing deeply A LOT! Thanks ya'll!