Saturday, October 13, 2012

Plowing and Planting

We spent the better part of the day weeding, plowing and replanting what the critters have wreaked havoc on the past week. Luckily we found some cabbage plants, a few collard plants and there were still a few broccoli left in the green house. This could quite possibly be the saddest winter garden on record. Well, maybe the one where a wascally wabbit ate 30 something broccoli in one night beat it....
On the bright side we harvested the first small turnips and a large crop of radishes. So many in fact, I should be able to ferment some tomorrow. I had hoped to get the garlic in but we ran out of time.
On the critter front I have been doctoring one of my dairy girls. I have dried everyone up but she wasn't quite ready and developed a nasty case of mastitis. Poor thing she has been pretty miserable. Twice daily milkings and antibiotics have her on the mend and it looks like she will recover nicely..

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