Friday, October 12, 2012

First Birds....Now sheep!

This morning I was busy in the kitchen. I looked out the window to see lambs meandering through the yard. These lambs had been residents of the orchard which is beside the garden. This is not good I muttered as I pulled on boots and hurried outside. Sure enough the had enjoyed a salad bar breakfast of cabbage. ALL of the cabbage. They like kale and mustard too. Sigh.
I decided if they were well enough to escape they were well enough to go back to the big pasture. And they did. Mom, bless her, had watered yesterday while I was at work and had not latched the gate tightly. I reassured her it is what it is. Water over the bridge. We will try and replant what we can and hope for enough warm weather to get transplants established. If not, well, we will be cabbageless this winter. LOL!

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