Wednesday, October 10, 2012

In A Fowl Mood

The last few days the chickens and turkeys have decided to make the garden their new feeding place. They have managed to wipe out half a row of kale and severely injure the collard and cabbage plants. Arugula seems to another favorite as it has been mowed to the ground. I have clipped wings here and there but they are still managing to hop the orchard fence. So today I was on the warpath.
I blocked every hole along the ground and patched every spot I could find in the fly net. Then I commenced to catching. Turkeys and roosters and hens, oh my! One by one with the help of my trusty bass net they were captured, clipped and sent to the penitentiary for an undecided amount of time.
Unfortunately we are covered up with roosters and some just can't get along with others. Those that could not play nice ended up in smaller pens alone and will either go to new homes or freezer camp as soon as I have time. By days end I was in a much better mood. Lets see what tomorrow brings!

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