Monday, October 29, 2012

A Day In The Kitchen

We have been experiencing some pretty high winds today from the bands of hurricane Sandy. The temperature has dropped dramatically. Not a fun day to be outside, but a good day to spend in the kitchen. I had been commissioned to make 150 biscuits for a function Friday. After much thought we decided the best route would be the angel biscuits. They freeze well and could just be popped in the oven 20 minutes before needed. I did not want to make them too far in advance for flavor reasons.. I am a bit weird when it comes to frozen bread. She was much less concerned than I. So, I figured I could live with 4 days in the freezer.
 After I made the biscuits, I froze them for about 30 minutes on wax paper and dropped into freezer bags.
And while I was in biscuit making mode I made some Cheddar and chive to go with supper tonight. They turned out to be quite delicious!
Since it was so chilly, I put a pot of chicken quarters on to cook for chicken and rice soup. And then I decided, what the heck,  I made some cabbage rolls with the beautiful leaf cabbage in the garden. And finally, a yummy turnip au gratin. The kitchen stayed quite warm and smelled divine. Best of all, I can take a few nights off from cooking! (I will post all the recipes on the "Eating Blog" soon...)

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