Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Taste of Fall

The trees are beginning to show their lovely colors. It is a sight to behold come dusk as the yellows almost glow in the dark.
This time of year is most pleasant, as things have begun to slow. There is no hectic milking schedule or feeding of young kids. We are not buried in a summer harvest of tomatoes (though I do miss them!). While chores must still be done they are accomplished at a much more leisurely pace.
I was supposed to organize the pantry today. I didn't. Instead, after baking and delivering bread this morning, I decided to get some soap made. I have several requests for some scents that I don't have on hand. I made four batches before heading out to feed animals. I took my time and visited with everyone a bit longer than usual. I also took some photos of one of our rams that will going up for sale soon.
I did a garden check and harvested more turnips, a couple of large handfuls of kale and some lettuce.
I pondered supper and came up with a blue cheese stuffed meatloaf (recipe here), roasted potatoes and a salad. With the exception of the blue cheese all ingredients came from the farm.
Then I set a  lovely fall table on the porch.
Dinner was divine, my company was good (hubby and bird dogs!). Today was homestead heaven.

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