Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Squash and Peppers!

After cleaning the barn and milking this morning, our intern and I headed to the garden. The last of the peas were harvested. The heat has sent them to an early grave and they will be plowed as soon as the ground dries out. We staked and tied up the peppers and were thrilled to find a large handful of banana peppers that were ready to be picked. On to the green beans. Another 3/4 of a bushel! The strawberries are waning, but a small basket was picked~ those we washed and had for dessert after lunch. Lastly we checked the squash and picked the first three of the season. A wonderful haul for the day.
After lunch, we packed her take home goodies and she headed home. I put away the harvest and sterilized jars for more canning while waiting for some farm visitors due to arrive. A local writer was having a photo shoot here in the garden and with the animals. The critters were on their best behavior and hammed it up quite shamelessly! After pictures were finished I did the evening round of chores and it was time for supper. As is our usual these summer days it was a late one, after 8. I debated doing some canning, it was a short debate and canning did not win. Maybe tomorrow!

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