Friday, May 4, 2012

Hay and Beef

The boys have spent the last two evenings putting up the rest of the hay. Our total for the Spring cut is 1260 bales. The barn is full and the balance filled one side of our shed. I feel like I hit the lottery! This should hold us for the year. If we can cut in the Fall most of that will be sold to help recoup the baling expenses like twine, fuel, ect. That will depend solely on the weather and how much rain we get. Right now it is very dry.
While they were doing hay duty today, I headed to Taylorsville to pick up our beef and lamb that was ready. I guess it has been a while since we butchered and when they opened the door with a forklift and a pallet full of boxes, I was shocked. You have got to be kidding! Nope, it was all mine. The back seat of my truck was crammed in the floor and to the windows with boxes, as well as the front seat and the cooler in the bed.On the way home I started making phone calls to see if  I could beg, borrow or steal some freezer space from my sister and my mom. They did some rearranging and after I got back, met me to help get it all divided and put up. My sister took a half and my mom a quarter. We will keep somewhere around a half and the rest will be sold to help make room for chickens that will be processed in a few short weeks. We managed to get all of it in various freezers with the exception of two large boxes of bones.
So for the next few days I will be making large amounts of stock to can and freeze. As soon as the meat was up, I got started. ( For instructions click here )
And that was today!

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