Monday, May 28, 2012

Greener Pastures

Last week the sheep were brought up and wormed. I kept them on a dry lot for 7 days and checked everyone again today. They were given a dose of garlic and moved to the front field to enjoy the deep lush grass. I think I saw them smiling! Yes, they are definitely happy sheep. The lambs are growing by leaps and bounds and I hope to soon have the sales list up. That requires some time and patience as they are not the best subjects to photograph. Soon though..
I have two pastures now empty. One will be allowed to rest for at least the next 30 days and the other we would like to plant with a summer crop. Maybe millet again, but that is still in the works.
Being that today is a holiday we decided to take some time and chill. That meant I could snap green beans by the pool ;o) while the boys tinkered with the tractors.
Happy Memorial Day!

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