Saturday, May 26, 2012

Garden Harvests

With the 5 inches of rain we have gotten over the last week or so, the garden has started producing some things is mass quantities. Green beans being number one this week. A harvest of almost 3 bushels was picked over the course of a few days. Canning has commenced and my kitchen has the tell-tell signs of jars, lids, canners and bowls stacked everywhere!
Thus far about 20 jars have been added to the pantry.

More new potatoes have been harvested, with the bulk to be dug in a couple of weeks. The early garlic has been harvested as well and now awaits cleaning. The last of the watermelon radishes were pulled and I plan to try some lacto-fermentation with them. These radishes were great fun to grow. They are large, almost turnip size and have a white skin and bright pink flesh. I did find that they were better peeled. (See the "Eating" blog for more info.on the fermentation )
And so summer harvests have begun and like little squirrels we are busy preparing for the winter....


  1. So jealous of the green bean harvest ... good job! b-t-w ... love your stove.

  2. Thanks! I am excited about our harvest as well. Last year it was terrible with only one canner full. Now if I can just make up this year for the bad corn harvest last year....;o)