Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Clipping Chicken Wings

Some of my laying hens have been serving time in the pen-itentiary  for trespassing in the garden. Today with the help of my intern we clipped wings and released them in the orchard. So far it seems to be working and now everyone is happy. The garden is safe and the girls can scratch and eat all the bad bugs around the fruit trees.
To clip wings:  fan out one wing and clip along the line where the smaller feathers meet the longer ones. Be careful not to get in the blood line. If  you do, move up just a bit.
Next on our list was to weed the blueberries. Again. The strawberries needed picking as well.
We finished today's chores and headed in for a quick bite of lunch. She left and I made the first run of strawberry jam for the year. It turned out beautifully.
I plan to make a couple more batches before strawberry season is over..especially now that Luke has informed me that he will need "provisions" when he heads off to school in the Fall.  On his list was beef, chicken, jam, vegetable soup... Can you see me crossing my eyes?

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