Monday, February 14, 2011

A Sad Day

(with lots of help!)

Saturday evening we had the second set of dairy kids born. Another of Mom's Nubians, the matriarch of her herd, blessed us with two more crosses, this time a buck and a doe. All seemed to be going well until this morning. I found her old goat had died during the night. I am not sure what may have happened. When I put her up last night she seemed fine, was eating and drinking. No alarm bells were going off in my head. And so we buried yet another faithful companion, one who served us well, raised so many kids for us and blessed us with gallons of milk. We will do the same for her, by bottle raising the babies. I also noticed this morning that the little doe seems to be blind in one eye. A birth defect? an injury at birth? We just don't know, but she is doing fine and has adapted well.

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