Saturday, June 12, 2010

Full Freezers

The freezers are once again full of meat. The final chicken count for us was 48 (we shared 10 with a special person) and the cow we butchered along with the 2 lambs arrived yesterday. We had hoped to raise a hog this year but right now have no room to put one. It is still on my "wanna do" list tho! My son will hunt, and hopefully get a deer or two, in the fall. Most of one deer is usually made into breakfast sausage. Other than fish and the small amount of locally produced pork sausage & bacon we purchase, we do not buy meat. This amount will probably last two years, maybe more. All of the meat is vacuum sealed instead of being wrapped and keeps a long time. We will share with family. We constantly rotate and make sure to date.
That being said , it surely leaves no room to freeze any vegetables so most everything will have to be canned or dehydrated this year. The garden is starting to produce and the green beans are beginning to line the shelves..


  1. I live near by, in K-town, and am overrun with beans right now, but since it's just me and my granddaughter I don't plant as much as you do. without meat to worry about, my freezer easily holds my beans, wineberries and strawberries for the season. all grown with loving care on as small of a lot as I could find, less than 1/5th of an acre, the less grass the better is my motto. my next door neighbor, Village Park, has all the grass I want to look at, thank you very much. enjoy the heat, pull the weeds at night!

  2. Howdy neighbor! I know exactly where you are. I love riding through town and seeing all the neat and tidy vegetable gardens, especially since mine closely resembles a jungle right now. Hope you got some rain last night ~ keep on gardening!