Saturday, February 27, 2010

Where Are You Spring?

I saw robins today. A case of onions (30 bunches) and 75 pounds of seed potatoes are waiting patiently in the garage to go in the ground. The meat birds have been ordered and goats are being born daily but still no visible signs of spring!! It was another cold, windy day here on the homestead. I am beginning to feel a bit panicky about getting the spring garden in. The ground is extremely wet and there is no way we can turn the garden to even attempt to plant. The weather is calling for yet another chance of snow this coming week and a cooler than normal March along with above average precipitation. Yuck! Enough already!! Normally by this time we have had several warm days and early veggies have gone in the ground. Snow peas, lettuces, spring greens...~sigh~
We did manage to get some things done. I baked early and delivered to the store. We split and stacked a load of firewood and finally got all of the ewes in one pasture. That in itself was a grand accomplishment! I checked the cashmere's coats but they are still a couple of weeks out from combing so that got put off to another day. Not as much as I had hoped to get done but a few things marked off the list!

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