Monday, February 15, 2010

Say It Ain't So!!

My afternoon check at the barn revealed a set of newly born twins from my favorite alpine doe. They were a lovely shade of white. White? WHITE!!! No, no say it ain't so -- I have been eagerly awaiting the birth of a registerable kid out of her all year. Sigh. So yes boys and girls it seems the white winged wonder has struck again. The saanen buck I sold in the fall apparently crossed yet another fence before he left. So I now have two sets of twins out of him, neither, of which I had planned. Had he still been here today I would have cheerfully choked him with my bare hands. He is batting 1000 and I am at 0. Egads! I truly hope this kidding season turns around soon..

Everyone is healthy and so all is well. I will keep her doe kid anyway. She is an extremely heavy milker-- a gallon + a day. Her milk is mild and sweet and makes wonderful cheese.


  1. Hey, Kelly
    Did you ever find your other kid? I hope so and not to late. Blogging everyday.Cheaper than therapy.
    Very bad day! feel like I am drowning, just treading water right now but getting tired!
    Sometimes I think I can't take much more!
    I just need the hell out of here!

  2. I'm also curious if you found your other kid?
    How does one know just by visual inspection that their livestock needs minerals?
    What kind of LGDs do you have? Why?
    Why do you have a milk cow, dairy goats, and Icelandic sheep?

  3. maple lane homesteadAugust 1, 2018 at 7:05 AM

    No I never did was so heartbroken! Usually the goats show signs by a dull coat and the hair looks broken. A sign of needing copper. Right now I have a karakachan cross. He is awesome. Cow for milk since the kids didn't really care for goat milk. Goats for soap and cheese and the sheep for meat and fiber ;-)