Thursday, February 25, 2010

One Wild Week

It has been wild and busy week! We had a beautiful weekend and spent all daylight hours working on fences. We finished the permanent cross fence in the front pasture and will now be able to pull the animals off to allow it to grow out into our hay. This will be the "boys" pasture until we cut. They will still have a fairly large paddock area and barn. I moved my big buck and younger ram-or shall I say they moved me- from the lower fields to this pasture. I started relocating the ewes as well but didn't quit finish that task. This coming weekend I hope!
The saanen doe that kidded Thursday started feeling bad Saturday. She was off feed and refused her grain. She also didn't really want to move around much. By Sunday I was really worried because she seemed worse. I wasn't sure what I was dealing with. Her eyes were fairly pink, I didn't think she was wormy but gave her a dose of wormer anyway. I wondered if she may have a bit of infection from having such large twins so decided to give her a round of antibiotic injections. It is not something I like to do but wanted to cover all bases. I didn't want to loose her!! Monday she started picking at food and Tuesday had her almost back to normal. Today she was a real pain, pushy for feed.. her normal self, so all is well on that front.
Tuesday we checked the Virginia property and yes, they are still buried in snow. We arrived home at 8:30 p.m. or so and I headed down to milk and check critters. My cow always gives me a "Do you know it's dark and what took you so long?" look when I am that late milking. I discovered the LGD had blessed me with 7 puppies while we were gone and the last cashmere had kidded. I got the kids under lights and checked the pups. I called it a day around 10.
Yesterday was a work day so not much was accomplished except for chores and baking. Today I baked as well and spent the better part of the morning feeding hay and rearranging once again. The wind was blowing extremely hard and the temps were in the 30's. I brought all the goats and kids in the barn and closed the doors to a crack to keep the wind out. Tonight's check revealed all were warm and content.

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