Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sheep ..

Today I de-wormed the sheep. Good grief. One would think I was on a mission to obliterate all of the ovine population. In reality I just want to save them!
I called them up and to be fair most came up and hung out in the holding pen. However, there is always one baaaaad sheep. In our case she is one of our Missouri girls. The biggest, the baddest ewe around. She refused to come in, so I left her out until the end. I have to say the flock was on their best behavior and I suffered no wounds until da-dum.. da-dum.. After several rounds of giving a good chase I had her cornered. I crouched low and in a calming voice told her all was well . Be still, be still. One flying leap and she took me out. Head over heels I rolled, worming syringe catapulted into Neverland. As I steadied myself on my hands and knees her fruitcake daughter decided to use my back as a spring board to escape as well. As I lay face first in the sheep poop,with brusied hands and knees, I swallowed my urge to kill her and her offspring. After all, I am the Shephardess. I watch over and care for them.. Hmmmmm.. on the other hand I do love lamb.

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