Monday, July 27, 2009


Halle is 7 weeks old today! She is our orphan foal that we ( Or should I say, I) have been raising for the last few weeks. Her mom had to be put down when she was just 24 hours old, due to a twisted intestine. It is an uncommon occurrence, however my vet informed me that 3 mares were lost that same week to the same problem. (That is scary, but I won't even go there now..) The morning we lost her mom was so sad. Halle seemed so small and vulnerable, yet within a few hours had the bottle figured out.
There were many that said she wouldn't make it. Foals die , so hard to raise , blah, blah. I started her on a foal formula mixed 1/2 with goat's milk and within 5 days had her on 100 % goat milk. She worked her way up to 2 + gallons a day and drank every 3 hours around the clock for the first 4 weeks. Then moving to every 4 hours , then 6, and now twice a day. She eats milk pellets and a foal ration and is doing great. Our biggest issue is convincing her that she is indeed a horse, not a dog or even a goat. The goats are her role models at this point. Ah.. hemm.. those of us whom have goats know that this is probably not the best situation. Goats are NOT good role models. However they do have four legs and graze...
So now we are in a learning stage. She is not cute when she trys to jump on you or push you into the pond. Discipline is a must!! My vet said her mom would bite or kick her to let her know what is not allowed. So, since I don't want a mouth full of hair, I am using a switch. After a couple of firm NO's she is content to follow along and graze while I am in the pasture.
AND tonight I don't have to get up and make that trek to the barn in the wee hours of the morn... night ya'll.

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