Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Canning Cube Steak

A little canning experiment today. I canned cube steak from the freezer. Our freezers are full and I am trying to make some room. I am also trying to add some shelf stable quick meals to the pantry shelves. I seared the steak on each side and put on keep warm in the oven. Then I tossed onions and mushrooms in the pan and softened those a bit. I heated up some beef broth and then was ready to pack my jars. Most jars got 3 pieces of steak, a couple got four. I then packed the onions and mushrooms around it and topped off with beef broth. I de-bubbled well and popped the lids on and into the canner it went.
My hope is that when I open a jar I can dredge the meat in flour, give it another sear for a bit of crispness and thicken the broth and veggies for a quick gravy. A side of mashed potatoes and a salad will make a rib sticking winter meal. Finger's crossed. I will update as soon as I open a jar.

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