Saturday, October 12, 2019

Ready for Rain

There is finally some rain in the forecast. It is the first really good chance we have had in a long time. The boys headed out at daylight to get the fields ready to be planted.They had picked up supplies yesterday. The trailers were loaded down with seed, fertilizer, lime and straw. I had strict instructions to head up to the field when I had finished morning chores. Chickens out, baby goats fed, cow milked, poop scooped and milked strained and in the fridge I took the new Gator and wandered up. My job was to follow around with materials and help fill the hopper on the tractors and pick up any rocks that turned up. We ran low on seed so I had to go back to the feed store for another 100 pounds. After all the fields were planted we had to blow straw on a sloped area so it would hopefully not wash too much. So my next job was to drive the truck while the boys loaded the blower and blew the straw and try not to toss them off the trailer. I done good! No injuries to report! It was dusk when we finished.

It had been discussed repeatedly on what to plant. Finally we decided to sow two fields in winter rye grass, the garden in rye grain and the new pasture in fescue. We are ready for rain.

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