Saturday, October 5, 2019

Barn Day and A HUGE Surprise!

Today was an absolutely beautiful Fall day. The first we have had. Our chore for the day was to clean the barn out and get things ready for winter. The hall was scraped out. stalls cleaned, fresh shavings put down and gates replaced.
About lunch time Hubby had walked to another shed to get some tools. I heard him yell for me to come quick that something was going on with Violet my other cow. I ran to her shed to find out she was in labor! We had no idea she was even bred. Today was almost exactly 9 months to the day we picked the cows up! She must have bred a day or two before that. She blessed us with a little girl. Wow. Just wow. I had gone from 2 cows to a full fledged dairy herd in 1 month! Her name?
Autumn. 💖💖

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