Sunday, April 12, 2015

More Strawberries

The last 25 Evie 2 strawberry plants that had been back ordered arrived Friday. I have kept them wrapped in moist paper and today they finally went in the ground.
We had some windy days this week so after planting them I went back and where we had just made slits in the plastic I made larger holes, The wind had blown the plastic back over top of some of the previously planted berry plants and the heat had burned them pretty badly. Lesson learned, sigh.
But still, there 101 plants in the row. Some are beginning to bloom. Looking good!
The upcoming week looks to be very wet so I raided the greenhouse of peppers and early tomatoes. 39 various peppers and 8 tomatoes went in along with a couple of hills of squash which were planted by seed. Things should settle in nicely this week.

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