Saturday, April 11, 2015

Blueberries Have Arrived!

Early this morning my oldest son, Jason, and I hooked up to the horse trailer and headed towards the mountains. We were headed to pick up blueberry bushes. And pickup we did. They did not have the full 50 but I still came home with 40. Among the varieties- Premier, Power blue, Legacy, Climax and Teff blue, of which I had wanted more. They will order those for me if I decide to make another trip after these go in. I also came home with a pink variety, only 3 of those though. Just thought they sounded kind of cool. The one called Legacy bears the latest and we were told they were picking berries at frost last fall. These bushes are all loaded with blooms too. 
Of course since I didn't get all 50 bushes that left room on the trailer. I added 5 huge thornless blackberry bushes. I had 10 in the greenhouse but they are so small. These should produce a good little harvest this year.
Gonna be a busy week here on the homestead!

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