Wednesday, April 29, 2015

An Interrupted day

What was supposed to be a day of yard work and more spring clean-up became a day of madness. Mid morning I was raking up fallen limbs and debris out of the flower beds when I heard Tucker our 11 year old English setter frantically barking at the barn. I wandered down thinking he had a cat cornered. Nope. There was a coon laying in a stall face down in a nest of eggs gasping for breath. I quick grabbed all dogs and headed to the house. Once everyone was locked up, I checked him over and found no signs of a confrontation. I went back to the barn and with a pitchfork moved the coon and found no evidence on it either. That done, I made a call to the vet. She wanted Tucker and Ludovic there in 2 hours for booster rabies vaccines. Ziva had her's last week and was good. In the meantime, Doug came in and shot the coon.
I arrived to the vet and after weighing Tucker discovered he had gained 10 pounds and for the last year I had been under dosing him for heart worms. Oh yay. So in addition to getting his booster I had him tested. He was negative thank goodness. Just an added expense.
Now came all the questions. Did you touch Tucker after coming up from the barn? Yes. Cuts. No. Touch the coon, no, but Doug picked him up by the tail. On and on they went.
On the way home I called animal control. They met me at the barn and picked up the coon. More questions. By this time it was 4 and I still had chores to do. We should have the results in a couple of days. Earlier this week a few miles down the road a coon tested positive so we shall see.

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