Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The first thing on today's to-do list was hoof trimming on the goats. All of the older does were trimmed. One of the oldest has a touch of foot scald, due to all the wet weather of late, so she was put in a dry stall for treatment over the next few days. 

That done, along with the morning milking and feeding, I decided to wander over to the greenhouse. Sis wasn't home but I got to take a peak at the geraniums she has started. Looking good.
It was such a beautiful day, I walked on to Mom's barn, snapped some pics of a goat she is wanting to sell. Nice looking guy..
Then I headed back across the field.
Once back home, I gathered a tape measure, paper, pen and Ziva and together we walked to the new property across the pond. We were going to measure for the new blueberry patch going in this Spring! It is a strange shape but quite a large area. I haven't gotten it on graph paper yet but am thinking somewhere between 40 and 50 bushes can go in. A future "pick you own" we hope.
A lovely day on the homestead!

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