Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A chilly, windy day dawned here on the homestead. Not much to be done outside except tend the animals so I decided some soap making was a good inside chore. As per my usual I ran short of ingredients and was only able to get four blocks poured. Ugh.
 After soap, I headed to the barn. Of course I had to sit on a bale of hay and play with the babies. They are so much fun now. Even the new boys decided to venture out from under the lights. I finished up the first round of feeding and called to see if sis was ready to play in the greenhouse. She needed 30 more minutes so I did a smidge of house cleaning before walking through the field to her house.

The greenhouse was a balmy 84*. For the next 2 1/2 hours we contentedly puttered with the seedlings she had started a few weeks ago. We transplanted somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 cabbage and broccoli and started over 100 pepper seeds, 6  different kinds. A few Better Boy tomato seeds were planted for what we hope will be an early crop. This worked well last year for some good tomatoes to eat on. The bulk of our canning and freezing crop won't be started for several more weeks.
 And after all was finished we decided this looked more like a plant cemetery! Yikes!

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