Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sunshine At Last

Last week was nasty cold and this one was just plain wet. Dreary days seemed to stretch on forever. Yesterday the sun came out, it warmed up and I felt like I had climbed out of hibernation! I spent many hours at the barn cleaning the milking parlor. It won't be long before those chores are added back to the schedule. A truck load of feed bags and miscellaneous junk was hauled off. Lots of cleaning out and organizing this year. Last year I was still recovering from the car accident and got so far behind it was overwhelming. So it is with a renewed sense of enthusiasm that these chores are being done.
Still more to do, cobwebs to be swept down and lights fixtures replaced, but a good start.
Of course, I had to visit with the babies. They are growing like weeds.

Today I finished up the barn. Water buckets were scrubbed and mineral feeders cleaned and filled. I helped clean the ditch line. This is where tons of water rushes down the hill and tends to cause some flooding because of small trees, leaves and debris. Neat and tidy, ready for those spring thunderstorms!
 Late afternoon Doug and I headed to the wood shed. We spent 2 hours splitting and stacking wood. Though warm and sunny today, the cold days and bad weather are far from over.

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