Sunday, May 18, 2014

When One Door Closes...

Doug started mowing hay last week. It is very slim pickings around here. Fields that normally yield 400 bales were coming in at a little over 200. One small strip where we usually get around 24 bales had only 9. Because of the longer than usual and colder spring the grass did not grow and in the last few weeks it has been blazing hot which caused the grass to form seed heads and thus had to be mowed. All the farmers around here are worried about a hay shortage in our area. In addition to that, we lost a couple of fields last year due to the sale of the land. Several nights we pondered what to do. The plan was (and probably still is) to tear up some less than desirable pastures and plant Millet. The animals could graze it and we would bale that for extra hay. When it was done we would go in behind it with winter rye and should have good grazing year round and cut back on some of the hay consumption
And then.. A neighbor called. He has several fields that he had planned to fence for cattle but did not get it done and would we like to mow it for hay. Hallelujah!!! Granted it is only for this year but it will put us mowing right about 25 acres. They started mowing today, will finish tomorrow and bale Wednesday and Thursday. Yes, cheers could be heard all around the homestead. Two leggeds and four doing a happy hay rationing after all!

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