Friday, May 16, 2014

A Jamming Kind of Day

Yesterday I picked a gallon of strawberries but because of chores ran out of time to do anything with them.Today I normally work but it was slow at the store because of heavy rain and I was told to take off. Oh I love those unexpected gifts of time!
I got most of my chores finished early and went to work on the berries. Since it is the household favorite I made two batches and probably will make a couple more in the next week or so. Today, though, 15 jars were tucked in the pantry.
I finished quicker than I thought I would so I made a pan of brownies. Not just any brownie--these were made with black beans! I had been wanting to try these for some time and recently saw a cake made with the beans too. Of course I had to change things up a little, you know, using what was available here on the homestead and in the pantry but the final product is delicious. I glazed them with a cream cheese- peanut butter icing. Oh my!! Didn't even wait for the boys to get home before trying them. Let's keep the beans our secret, shall we?
(You can find the recipe on my eating blog.)

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