Monday, April 14, 2014

Dehydrating Morel Mushrooms

Oh lucky me! I have been gifted with a bag of fresh morels. The first thing I did with them was to stuff with goat cheese, bake and devour. Next I sauteed a large pan full with just butter and garlic salt. But in order to savour the flavor for months to come I needed to dehydrate the rest.
First I sliced them in half and gave them a good rinse. I layed them on towels to drain and patted them dry.
Next I placed them on the dehydrator trays and then popped them in the dehydrator for several hours. I had enough mushrooms for three trays.
When they were dry enough to snap I put them in a jar with a tight lid and into the pantry they went. A tasty treat  to be enjoyed later!

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