Friday, March 7, 2014

They Grow So Fast

Ziva is growing like a weed. She has packed on 10 pounds and doubled in size since her arrival 5 weeks ago. She has learned to sit and lay down. We are working on stay. She walks on a leash now without holding it in her mouth. She goes everywhere I go. That is for two reasons. One to socialize her and two if I left her alone longer than 20 seconds I would most likely not have a house left. Someone said the other day, "Don't you just wish they would stay little forever?" Absolutely...NOT! Our new game is I've got it (Ziva) and you can't have it (me). I should have dropped at LEAST ten pounds by now chasing her. She has her favorite route. Running about 10 miles an hour round the kitchen table, through the chairs, off to the game room, around the pool table and repeat. However, I am human and humans are smarter than dogs, right? (Not necessarily, sorry to say) So, now with treat in hand I chase saying "Trade you for a treat!" For the most part it works and I am able to retrieve whatever she has absconded with. Things like shoes, socks, bras, magazines, underwear, she really likes underwear..... if you were to visit us now you would notice all end and coffee tables are devoid of remotes, candles, books. You would think we are living with a toddler. I had forgotten how much work puppies are. There are days I am tired, really tired. Then she curls up under my feet and sleeps. Sleeping babies are so cute. Don't you think?

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