Sunday, March 16, 2014

Doug and I decided to make one last quick trip to the coast before spring chores began. We left late Thursday after chores were done leaving Mom in charge for Friday and Saturday. We would be home early Sunday.
Friday morning the first phone call... you have a set of twins here. Who?? Roxanne, the old saanen, that has somehow magically gotten pregnant two years running, though I have tried not to let her. Of course she would chose to wait until I was gone. Thankfully the next day went without any surprises. Today we drove home in heavy rain. It was cold and nasty and as soon as we got in I hurried to check all the animals. A second set of twins had been born during the night. Though doing fine, they were in a pasture that did not have the warmest shelter and so I hauled them to the big barn and went back for mama. Nasty, cold and wet I finally had everyone settled and I was able to head indoors.
I guess even the animals have given up on spring and decided to start without her!!
Roxanne's kids.. a buck and a doe!

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