Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Baker's Worst Nightmare

I was out before daylight this morning and heard the trees clinking. When I got back in I told hubby we must have had some icing over night. When the skies lightened, I was surprised at how much ice we had!
I decided to go ahead and bake since the roads were not too bad and by the time bread was done I figured all would be well. I had 5 loaves in the pans and another 5 in the bowl sponging. Then the lights flickered. NO! they flickered again and power was lost. No,no no!! Unfortunately, yes, and I spent the next couple of hours in the darkness. So did the bread. Apparently a tree had fallen on a line.
The five in the pan continued to rise and then collapse. The dough in the bowl did so as well, climbing over and out and oozing on the counter. Ugh. When the power did come back on I baked the sunken bread and tossed the dough. And the sign at the store read:

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